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Black Tourmaline Energetic Shield Bracelet




Black Tourmaline * Energetic Shield. 

This beautiful, yet uniquely rustic, handmade psychic shield of protection is made with 15mm-20mm raw faceted pieces of Black Tourmaline with a pure copper bead. (Variations also include smooth round beads with 18K Gold plated and 18K White Gold plated bead accents). Each piece of tourmaline is unique, differing in appearance and size. Designed to be worn as an iconic fashion statement, it also serves as an amulet to repel negative energies. Considered the stone with the greatest metaphysical properties, Black Tourmaline is devoted to grounding spiritual energies, bringing a clearer expression of Light into the world and into the lives of those drawn to its powers. It furthers the ability to remain radiant in the darkest of circumstances and to maintain a spiritual consciousness while living among those who are not always in the Light and do not understand the love of the universe. [Raphaell, 132-133][Melody, 654-655].    

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