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Step into my world.  This is simply ME. My passion for life, nature, and above all God, and his healing energy, is what has lead me down my spiritual path and subsequently here - straight to you. Energy, love, passion and the life force within each and every one of us - THAT is what drives me.
Simply Sofia was planted as a mustard seed inside my heart and developed into a passion greater than the oldest of Oak trees. The pieces I create, as well as the ones handpicked by me from other designers, express the very essence of who I am. Each and every handmade Simply Sofia design features only the best stones so that they may transmit to you the paramount energy that Mother Earth envelops in each and every one of her creations.  
As an Energy Healer and Master Reiki Practitioner using the Usui technique, I enrich the energy that is in the magnificent crystal creations that our Mother Earth has gifted us with and I enhance the positive vibrations to a level where it will benefit the individual who wears them. I am also a Shaman who studied and practiced their healing techniques under the tutelage of Grandfather Lone Wolf, from the Apache Native Nations. I have taught and practiced Wolf Wisdom for 5 years.  Simply Sofia is my gift to the world as I attempt to extend the reach of my Spiritual Guides' energies and God-Given light. 
P.S. Creating custom jewelry designs is the best part of what I do. These curated pieces are made to meet your highest standards. It would be an honor to create a custom design just for you. 

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